Worship Schedule

Sunday8:00 amHoly Eucharist Rite I - Chapel
Sunday10:30 amChristian Formation for Children
Sunday10:15 amGlad News/Sad News
Sunday10:30 amHoly Eucharist Rite II - Sanctuary w/Music
Wednesday12:15 pmHoly Eucharist with Healing Ministry

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Why St. Luke’s?

Why do I go to church at all?

  • To stay in touch with the Transcendent.

What has St. Luke’s got that makes it important to me that I go there?

  • I get some practical help in learning how to live a more fulfilled life.
  • I learn how I might participate in creating a more just and peaceful world.
  • I get to see my best friends, all in one place, who share my interests in trying to stay in touch with their spirituality.
  • I get to be with people whom I love and who love me in return.
  • I get to hear an organ concert just about every week
  • I feel enriched when we use our ancient liturgies: I feel a sense of “oneness” with Christians of ages past.
  • I get to ask any question regarding my understanding of what it means to be a Christian. My questions are taken seriously, not minimized, and my concerns about my faith are met with love and concern.
  • Not least of my reasons is that I’m a creature of habit and church is simply what I do on Sunday morning.
  • It’s the place where I feel most at home.

By Karl Doege